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Brief Overview Of Doppstadt Range Of Shredders


Doppstadt shredders prime themselves as one of the best qualities in the market. They are manufacture by the Blue Group Company. Doppstadt shredders are manufactured using high level German engineering technology. Here is example of doppstadt shredders.Since they are powered using Mercedes Benz engines this makes them stand out among other competing shredders. They also fall under the mobile recycling equipment category. This gives them an added advantage since they are flexible and can be availed at any location on demand. A wide range of

Doppstadt shredders exist in the market. The major models are three in number.
The high speed AK model is one of them. Various closely related models exist in this range which include, AK 235, AK 510, AK 535 and AK 635.All the above shredders are powered using the single shaft technology which runs at high speeds thus the name “High speed AK”. They are used for shredding materials into fine quality substances, this makes the materials resemble grinded residue. Output for the high speed AK model can shoot from 40 to about 180 mm within a short period of time,(few minutes to be precise).This model is suitable for shredding wood waste, bio masses, compost waste and many more.

The second model is the Doppstadt DW slow speed model. This model is an improvement of the High speed AK model. Unlike the latter it is used for bulky voluminous shredding purposes. It mainly comes in two models, the DW 3060 for bio-fuels recycling and the multipurpose DW 3060.The multipurpose DW 3060 further comes in two models, the DW 3060 wheeled version and the DW 3060K, the K represents the tracked version. The above three versions employ the single shaft technology which is combined with a comb which is hydraulically controlled. This makes the Doppstadt DW slow speed model very effective and reliable. Further the model produces low noise when in use thud it consumes very low amounts of fuel. This makes it very economical and cost effective. This makes the shredder quite respectable since it controls both waste pollution and ensures that it causes minimal or no sound pollution at all.image_20160511_142439_2

The final model is the DZ series. This series is a combination of both the latter models. The main shredder in this series is the DW 750 Kombi. Just like the other models it makes use of the single shaft and hydraulic controlled comb technology. Since it is a combination of the two it shreds and grinds materials at the same time. This makes it the supreme king among all the models. The latest technology and materials are employed in the Kombi making it exceptionally good in all aspects.

In all the Doppstadt shredders models, equipment’s and specifications can be changed quite quickly to suite the recycling requirement. This makes them applicable for a wide range of applications which include, derivation of fuels from refuse, biomass energy, reduction of waste volume, general recycling and many more. Doppstadt range of shredders is actually the best.